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5:1 Stand fast4739 therefore3767 in the liberty1657 wherewith3739 Christ5547 hath made1659 us2248 free1659, and2532 be1758 not3361 entangled1758 again3825 with the yoke2218 of bondage1397.
5:2 Behold2396, I1473 Paul3972 say3004 unto you5213, that3754 if1437 ye be circumcised4059, Christ5547 shall profit5623 you5209 nothing3762.
5:3 For1161 I testify3143 again3825 to every3956 man0444 that is circumcised4059, that3754 he is2076 a debtor3781 to do4160 the whole3650 law3551.
5:4 Christ5547 is become of no effect unto you0575-2673, whosoever of you3748 are justified1344 by1722 the law3551; ye are fallen from1601 grace5485.
5:5 For1063 we2249 through the Spirit4151 wait for0553 the hope1680 of righteousness1343 by1537 faith4102.
5:6 For1063 in1722 Jesus2424 Christ5547 neither3777 circumcision4061 availeth2480 any thing5100, nor3777 uncircumcision0203; but0235 faith4102 which worketh1754 by1223 love0026.
5:7 Ye did run5143 well2573; who5101 did hinder0348-1465 you5209 that ye should3982 not3361 obey3982 the truth0225?
5:8 This persuasion3988 {cometh} not3756 of1537 him that calleth2564 you5209.
5:9 A little3398 leaven2219 leaveneth2220 the whole3650 lump5445.
5:10 I1473 have confidence3982 in1519 you5209 through1722 the Lord2962, that3754 ye will be5426 none3762 otherwise0243 minded5426: but1161 he that troubleth5015 you5209 shall bear0941 his judgment2917, whosoever3748 he be0302-5600.
5:11 And1161 I1473, brethren0080, if1487 I2784 yet2089 preach2784 circumcision4061, why5101 do I1377 yet2089 suffer persecution1377? then0686 is2673 the offence4625 of the cross4716 ceased2673.
5:12 I would3785 they were0609 even2532 cut off0609 which trouble0387 you5209.
5:13 For1063, brethren0080, ye5210 have been called2564 unto1909 liberty1657; only3440 {use} not3361 liberty1657 for1519 an occasion0874 to the flesh4561, but0235 by1223 love0026 serve1398 one another0240.
5:14 For1063 all3956 the law3551 is fulfilled4137 in1722 one1520 word3056, {even} in1722 this; Thou shalt love0025 thy4675 neighbour4139 as5613 thyself1438.
5:15 But1161 if1487 ye bite1143 and2532 devour2719 one another0240, take heed0991 that ye be0335 not3361 consumed0355 one0240 of5259 another0240.
5:16 {This} I say3004 then1161, Walk4043 in the Spirit4151, and2532 ye shall5055 not3364 fulfil5055 the lust1939 of the flesh4561.
5:17 For1063 the flesh4561 lusteth1937 against2596 the Spirit4151, and1161 the Spirit4151 against2596 the flesh4561: and1161 these5023 are contrary0480 the one to the other0240: so that2443 ye cannot3363 do4160 the things5023 that3739-0302 ye would2309.
5:18 But1161 if1487 ye be led0071 of the Spirit4151, ye are2075 not3756 under5259 the law3551.
5:19 Now1161 the works2041 of the flesh4561 are2076 manifest5318, which3748 are2076 {these}; Adultery3430, fornication4202, uncleanness0167, lasciviousness0766,
5:20 Idolatry1495, witchcraft5331, hatred2189, variance2054, emulations2205, wrath2372, strife2052, seditions1370, heresies0139,
5:21 Envyings5355, murders5408, drunkenness3178, revellings2970, and2532 such5125 like3664: of the which3739 I tell4302 you5213 before4302, as2531 I have4277 also2532 told {you} in time past4277, that3754 they which do4238 such things5108 shall2816 not3756 inherit2816 the kingdom0932 of God2316.
5:22 But1161 the fruit2590 of the Spirit4151 is2076 love0026, joy5479, peace1515, longsuffering3115, gentleness5544, goodness0019, faith4102,
5:23 Meekness4236, temperance1466: against2596 such5108 there is2076 no3756 law3551.
5:24 And1161 they that are3588 Christ's5547 have crucified4717 the flesh4561 with4862 the affections3804 and2532 lusts1939.
5:25 If1487 we live2198 in the Spirit4151, let us4748 also2532 walk4748 in the Spirit4151.
5:26 Let us1096 not3361 be1096 desirous of vain glory2755, provoking4292 one another0240, envying5354 one another0240.

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