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2526 חָם Cham {kha:m}

02525 同; 阳性专有名词 人名 (或地名)
钦定本 - Ham 16; 16
含 = "热"
1) 挪亚的第二个儿子, 迦南人和那些居住在南方的部落之人的祖先
2) 在居后的诗篇成为埃及人的统称
<神出> 创5:32
<译词>含16 (16)
挪亚的第二个儿子,因心存恶念曾受过咒诅, 创5:32

02526 Cham {khawm}
the same as 02525;
AV - Ham 16; 16
n pr m
Ham = "hot"
1) 2nd son of Noah, father of Canaan and of various peoples which
were inhabitants of southern lands
2) in late usage, a collective name for Egyptians
n pr loc
3) the place where Chedorlaomer smote the Zuzim, probably in the
territory of Ammonites (Gilead) east of the Jordan

Transliterated: Cham
Phonetic: khawm

Text: the same as 2525; hot (from the tropical habitat); Cham, a son of Noah; also (as a patronymic) his descendants or their country:

KJV -Ham.

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